What Activities Should You Avoid After Oral Surgery?

After oral surgery, it is essential to rest and recover. Avoid lifting heavy objects or doing strenuous exercise for the first few days. High-intensity exercises such as running, karate, swimming, and other intense workouts should be avoided for at least a week. If bleeding continues for more than 24 hours or is so severe that the gauze needs to be changed more often, contact your dentist or oral surgeon.

Rest is recommended for at least two days after the procedure. When it is safe to return to physical activity depends on many factors, such as the number of wisdom teeth removed, the complexity of the surgery, and the type of physical activity you want to do. Removing wisdom teeth is a form of oral surgery and often involves some significant anesthesia or sedation that could make a person feel very sleepy. To ease pain and avoid infections after oral surgery, it is important to take it easy and relax for the first few days. People who exercise and avid athletes should wait a week before returning to the gym. It is also important to avoid bending down or lifting heavy objects.

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