Preparing for Oral Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

Consulting with your surgeon is the first step towards oral surgery. At a consultation, your doctor will review your medical history and tell you what to expect from the procedure. They may also advise you to stop taking certain medications, such as blood-thinning drugs, a couple of weeks before the operation. Additionally, you should wear old, loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for the surgery and avoid wearing makeup, jewelry, or contact lenses.

Your doctor may also give you antibiotics and pain medications before the surgery to ensure that you feel comfortable. To make sure that you don't have to worry about household chores after the procedure, use the energy you had before the operation to pressure clean your house. Vacuum, dust, mop and clean everything you can see so that the house is in the best possible condition when you get home. It's important to be aware of the rules for eating, drinking and smoking before an oral surgery.

You should only eat soft, liquid foods and avoid acidic drinks such as juices or soda. Additionally, smoking can interfere with healing and should be avoided. Oral surgeries can be performed by any of the different types of dental specialists, including endodontists, periodontists, and prosthodontists. To prepare for the procedure, make a list of tasks that you want to have ready before oral surgery.

You may also want to bring some lip balm to soothe dry lips after the operation. To ensure a quick and smooth recovery from oral surgery, it's important to get enough rest before the procedure. Block light, play white noises or use earplugs if needed to achieve a deep sleep. Most oral surgeries are ambulatory, meaning you'll be discharged soon after the operation.

However, recovery from comprehensive oral surgery can take about two weeks and most patients find it uncomfortable to chew on crunchy or chewy foods for a few days after the procedure.

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