Do Oral Surgery Procedures Require Hospitalization?

Outpatient surgeries are often associated with dental procedures, as they are not severe enough to require overnight hospitalization. Anesthesia is only necessary for dental procedures that may cause pain, such as smile restoration. Generally, single-jaw surgeries do not require an overnight stay in the hospital and can be discharged when certain criteria are met. Double jaw surgeries, however, will likely go directly to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for an overnight stay.

Your oral surgeon is licensed by the state to administer general anesthesia, so you can get the care you need in the comfort of their office. General anesthesia is provided to patients who need all types of oral surgery, including wisdom tooth extraction and implant placement, or complete oral reconstruction. Lower jaw surgeries can also experience this condition due to the tubes used during surgery. Hospitals don't routinely provide general dental services, but they often provide emergent treatments indicated by trauma or oral infections. Dentists and oral surgeons are part of a hospital's medical staff to provide dental services to emergency department patients and inpatients when needed. Innovative oral surgery & Dental implants have helped countless dental patients enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile.

With the help of an experienced oral surgeon, you can be sure that your procedure will be done safely and with minimal discomfort.

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